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This hot African women woman is a real fashion model. I usualy have to pretend to be a modelling agent but today I was on the other side. It took me a while to convince her but fucking her was even bigger achievement for me than usually… On the other hand I met a beautiful blonde who lifted up her t-shirt in no time… If you want to see both babes naked and fucked, go to PUBLIC AGENT MOVIE

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When I meet sexy blondes like these two on the street I have to try my best to talk to them. Seeing them from behind and watching their sexy asses moving while their walk makes me horny so I know I have to approach them. I used the same story about being a model agent with a new agency and with a new approach to recruiting new models… See if it worked at PUBLIC AGENT VIDEO

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Having sex in a public is always very exciting. Meeting and 18 year old brunette and convincing her to go to the restaurant toilet with me was a real challenge for me. I ended up fucking her right there. Same with sexy blonde Russian doll who I met later on that night. She was on vacation with her girlfriends and was looking for a good time. Easy to make this wish come true… Find more at PUBLIC AGENT

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I love to watch sexy girl wearing tight jeans and follow them for a bit to enjoy the view. Like today. I told her I’m opening a new modelling agency and I’m recruiting a new staff members including models. The same story worked with a sexy brunette women who was sitting just in front of me on the bus. I talked both of them into fucking me!!! What a great score! See more at PUBLICAGENT

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These two girls I met today are both seriously sexy. One was standing on the bus stop and I met the otherone walking on the street. I gave both of them some bullshit story I have just made up at that moment and end up fucking them both few moments later! If you want to see all details, go to PUBLIC AGENT

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