Great fucking afternoon in the park


It was a nice day today so I have decided to have a walk in the park. I spotted a hot babe walking right in front of  me and I could easily check her from behind. She had an awsome figure and when she turned around her face was pretty. Soon she was sucking my dick and I ended up fucking her right there. Same with busty brunette the same afternoon… Enjoy all my fucking stories at PUBLICAGENT TUBE

Blonde Russian and shy brunette


I met this blonde Russian on the street and the moment I started talking to her, she seemed to be very nervous. She was not easy to convince to fuck me but at the end of the day she did what I came here for… Same as shy brunette who claimed to be a model. She took a little persuading to accept my cash for sex offer but soon she was sucking my dick too! Find more at PUBLIC AGENT VIDEO

Hot blondes from Budapest


I saw this blonde standing on the platform, waiting for the train. She was so sexy I had to have her! And few moments later I had! She was fantastic! Same as my second fuck the day after. I met a beauty on the streets of Budapest. She was also blonde and her face and body were beautiful. Convicing her to come with me was quite easy and soon I was pumping her from behind! Watch all details at PUBLICAGENT

Two fucks in the park


If you like big tits, then I’ve got a special two babes for you I have ended up fucking in one afternoon. Both were walking in the park and I just had to fuck them. One was hot blonde who I approached while she was talking on her cell phone. The other one I saw when driving in my car. Both hot and young and ready to be fucked hard! See more at PUBLIC AGENT

Sexy Spanish brunette and hot Russian blonde


Sexy Spanish brunette had no problem showing me her gorgeous tits outside in public. Her sexy figure got my dick hard and few moments later I was fucking her tight pussy. She also had a great pair of boobs and nice firm ass. Another fuck was a crazy Russian blonde who was eager to earn some extra cash. She revealed her beautiful hot body at the top of a hotel stairwell where I also got my dick sucked by her full lips! Enjoy both stories at PUBLICAGENT TUBE

Bit of cash for a great fuck


If I find a girl who loves fucking, the half of my work is done. It was the case today. I had no idea I can be so lucky and meet Hungarian babe walking on the streets in the evening. She was even happy when I offered her money to suck my dick. I guess she would even do it without a cash! See more details at PUBLIC AGENT VIDEO

Hot brunette riding my cock


These two babes have one of the hottest figures I have ever seen. One is only 20 years old and she showed me her naked body when we agreed on doing a casting for a modelling agency. The other one had fantastic tits and I wanted to see them bouncing up and down so I offered her cash and she rode my cock like crazy… Find more details of my stories at PUBLICAGENT

Looking for new models again…


Another day, another wanna be models getting my cock in their pussies. It wasn’t hard at all to convince these two when I flicked a cash in front of their eyes. I was a modelling agent today and they both wanted to earn easy money for doing a photoshoot in their lingerie… Find more details and photos at PUBLIC AGENT

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