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I was pretending to be an agent from modelling agency when I bumped into this smokin’ hot long haired brunette! She was wearing sexy singlet so I could easily see her nice tits. I offered her some cash and after bit of talking, she agreed to show me her body… The very next day, I met this ridiculously beautiful blonde walking by and decided to get her. We started talking and I made up some fake story to get her into my hotel room… Watch the rest of both stories at PUBLIC AGENT MOVIE

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Oh dear… I have never had such a sexy brunette like this one. She looked fantastic when I met her but she looked even more stunning in her underwear. She was actually half Italian so her face and skin were tanned and her body great to fuck! The second girl I met was hot young redhead babe. Her body was fit and her pussy tight! See these and other fucking adventures of mine at PUBLIC AGENT VIDEO

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This blonde had long hair and long legs with sexy ass I have decided to fuck. I liked her face too so she was just perfect for the afternoon fucking session. I convinced her and soon my dick was sliding deep inside of her pussy. The second babe was very shy. She didn’t really wanted to speak to me but when I flicked the cash in front of her face, she loosened up. Not long after, I got what I wanted… Enjoy both stories at PUBLICAGENT

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The first brunette I have met today was extremely hot and she had fantastic body I wanted to get. So I stopped her and started chatting to her. Luckily she was speaking English, but it didn’t take long and we didn’t need any speak. All we did was fucking! The second brunette caught my attention as she was wearing sexy short shorts so I made up a story about being a movie actress agent and soon I had her where I wanted… Find more at PUBLIC AGENT

Fucked by the river


I’ve decided to take a trip out of the city today and see if I can get some girls out of town and have some fun with them. I was lucky as I met two girls by the river. Both in the similar location but one in the morning and the otherone in the afternoon. What a great trip full of hardcore fucking in the nature… Watch my adventures at PUBLIC AGENT MOVIE

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Wandering the streets on my way home brings a benefit every time I do it. I spotted this hot brunette and I knew straight away I have to make her a special offer she wont resist. When she agreed to show me her naked body I knew that soon she will be sucking my dick… Find all details and scenes of both stories at PUBLIC AGENT

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