Following sexy asses in tight jeans


I love to watch sexy girl wearing tight jeans and follow them for a bit to enjoy the view. Like today. I told her I’m opening a new modelling agency and I’m recruiting a new staff members including models. The same story worked with a sexy brunette women who was sitting just in front of me on the bus. I talked both of them into fucking me!!! What a great score! See more at PUBLICAGENT

Sexy brunette at the bus stop


These two girls I met today are both seriously sexy. One was standing on the bus stop and I met the otherone walking on the street. I gave both of them some bullshit story I have just made up at that moment and end up fucking them both few moments later! If you want to see all details, go to PUBLIC AGENT

Easy fuck for bit of cash


It is not that hard to persuade students with some cash. They are always in a need of extra cash to help them though university. There girls are no exception. When I told them that I was lost and I need them to help me to get into the center of Budapest, and I give them some cash, they jumped into my car without any hesitation… See more at PUBLIC AGENT MOVIE

New TV show models


You would not believe how many nice girls are wondering streets of Budapest. These both sexy babes agreed to be in my new modelling TV show, so I had to put them through an proper and intensive inteview if they are capable of such a hard task! They both succeeded! Enjoy all details of this special recruiting at PUBLIC AGENT VIDEO

Christmas time fucking


It’s Christmas time and I am going to search for nice presents for myself. Moreso for my cock!! I spot a cute young women looking at Christmas tree’s so I started talking to her and soon I was fucking her. The second babe got interested in a shopping voucher I told her she can win and few moment later I was splitting her pussy in two pieces. Enjoy all details at PUBLICAGENT

Couple hot babes in my hotel room in one afternoon


I met sexy brunette trying to access the hotel I was staying in. Her name was Bianca and she told me her hotel reservation has just been cancelled. I invited her into my room and fucked her. Just few moments after she left my room, someone knocked on my door. When I opened it, I saw a young blonde chick with a large grin on her face who basicaly invited herself in… Find more details at PUBLIC AGENT

Great day for fucking


Today I spotted a beautiful blonde women standing on the tram stop on her own. I pretended I am lost and asked her to show me around. She was fine with that and the same story worked few hours later, with a gorgeous bruette, who is actually a student and she is short of money. What a perfect catch! Watch more of my stories at PUBLIC AGENT MOVIE

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